About Volunteer

    Save Humanity, volunteers are incredible group of people who serves selflessly for the welfare of the society. These beautiful souls give their precious time and effort to achieve the organization’s goals.


An enthusiastic youth of above 18 years are welcomed to volunteer in our project.

Why Volunteer ?

There are many great reasons few are listed below:

Volunteering connects you with new people of diverse background and cultures

You will be using your skill to advance a higher purpose at the same time you will be developing new skills such as Leadership, Teamwork, Professionalism and etc.

You will be able to explore different places of the country.

Volunteering builds your mental health and happiness

It will improve self-esteem

Volunteering means unlimited fun and good works

Our Past Volunteers

Bhumika Acharya

Ms. Acharya is a student of MSc. Environmental Science in College of Applied Science, Thapathali. Ms. Acharya is a person with kind heart and leadership ability. She volunteers with Save Humanity from year 2015 to 2016. During her volunteering periods, she helped organization activities for flood victims and assist in fundraising.

Kasam Thapa

Mr. Thapa with… degree. A person good with children and elderly people. He says, spending time with children and elderly people motivates him to continue his good deeds. Mr. Thapa has conducted several recreational activities for the children of Disabled Rehabilitation Centre and Futre Hope Nepal.

Prakash Thapa

An enthusiastic young man with degree of Information Technology believes that innovation and creativity is the key to development. Mr. Thapa has been providing knowledge on computers and technology to the children of the organization we are associated with. In future Mr. Thapa will be closely working with us in our E-learning project.

Kailash Prakash Paudyal

Mr. Paudyal is person with decent character and soft nature. He is passionate about working for community people. He believes youth are the most responsible figure for change and development. Mr. Kailash contributed during the earthquake of 2015. He visited several places of Sindhupalchowk district for data collection and survey of victims and their situation. He also assists in with distributing required materials to earthquake victims of same district.

Alisha Raut

Ms. Raut is currently achieving Diploma Study in Germany. She volunteered in Save Humanity from year 2014 to 2015. During her volunteering period, she conducted several recreational activities for the small children. She also worked as Teacher for Early Childhood Development. Save Humanity will be always grateful for her contribution.

"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity" –Leo Tolstoy
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