Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Need in Ramechhap


Ramechhap is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, which is also consider as one of the rural part of Nepal. In some places, people still do not have access to electricity. Many people here still have faith in superstitious things such as, girl should not sent to school, girl should get married before her menstruation start, Chhaupadi and etc.

People in lower part of the district are near from town areas, where there is little awareness on above-mentioned issues but that is not enough. However, people here do not banish their girls to sheds during chhaupadi but suppose menstruation as the impure thing so girls and women are compelled to stay in different room throughout their periods and are not allowed to perform kitchen religious activities. Our recently conducted research shows that now people has started sending their girls in schools but must of the women here are illiterate. Due to lack of knowledge on proper hygiene maintenance during menstruation, girls and women are dealing with problems associated with period.

Absolute need of awareness on menstrual hygiene can be observed in Ramechhap. We are continuing our research in this issue. Soon our research is completed we will start working in Ramechhap District on Menstrual Hygiene Awareness.

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