Save Humanity is a non-governmental organization established in 2014 A.D. Since its inception it has been working for betterment of the communities and individuals through mobilization and community development activities. It is a youth leading organization. Save Humanity aims to mobilize Nepalese youth for development of communities and societies. We strongly believe that no development could be sustainable unless each individual work for it.



Promote improved way of learning in rural Nepal. Especially focus on Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programs and E-learning. Make education more interactive, fun and fruitful.


Healthy Citizen, Healthy nation. Provide health care to community people prioritizing maternal and child health care. Conduct awareness activities related to personal hygiene, adolescents, diseases prevention and cure.

Water and Sanitation

Water is one of the most important basic need of all living beings. Access to clean and safe drinking water is everyone’s right. We work to provide safe and clean drinking water and promote sanitation.

Environment Conservation

Promote clean and green environment. We conduct environment conservation activities including plantation, waste management training, cleaning campaigns, awareness campaigns etc.

Sustainable Agriculture

Encourage farmers for organic farming. Discourage the use of chemical fertilizers. Provide agriculture training to farmers.

Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology

Inspire people for use of renewable energy and appropriate technology. Support people from remote Nepal with renewable energy sources where there is no access to electricity.

We support the seventeen point of Sustainable Development Goals.

"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity" –Leo Tolstoy
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